Our story

Hi! I'm Jess - the creator of Forest & Brooks candle co
The man behind the camera is Phil, who works incredibly hard on the content you see on our social media pages and website photography, who also works as a full time nurse. I am forever grateful for him - we are a two person team & together we let our creativity flow for everything Forest & Brooks. 

The idea for Forest & Brooks started in late 2020 from a good conversation and a love of creating. For me, being able to create puts me in my flow state - from curating our candles, experimenting with scents & developing our business. Candles evoke a sense of calm for us, quite like being in nature does. Personally, when we feel overwhelmed or congested from life stressors, being outdoors - whether going for a hike, camping, or just being in a green space for a little while, helps centre us mentally and physically. That space helps inspire us.
I know there are so many who relate with this. We want to create this feeling from our candles, with the coziness of crackling wood wicks and scents inspired by nature & our everyday experiences (like good coffee, wine with friends & yummy food) - evoking those feel good moments. 

Sustainability is important to us. All materials, ingredients & packaging is sourced & created with the environment in mind. We are continuously learning new sustainable efforts and applying them when and where we can. 

We are so grateful you are here and taking the time to read a tiny part of our story. We have many plans and ideas for Forest & Brooks candle co. and we can't wait to share them all with you. Thank you. 

- Jess