• homemade

    the scent; freshly baked bread flooding your home or lingering outside of your favourite bakery. That moment you catch the familiar smell, your nose turns & eyes close. It smells warm, like inhaling a blanket on a cold winter day

    homemade | wooden wick candle 
  • date night

    cozy up for a date night, games night or a night for yourself - paired with a glass of Pinot. This candle is a beautiful blend of citrus, zest & a little floral

    date night | wooden wick candle 
  • spruce & rose

    transport yourself to a cozy getaway - the morning air is crisp, the sun is glistening & the gentle scent of spruce & fir surround you - the woodsy aroma mixes with the fresh bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table for the most devine & captivating scent

    spruce & rose | wooden wick candle 
  • dark rose

    a luxurious, dark & sultry - with notes of pink peppercorn & plum, middle notes of black rose balanced by labdanum & patchouli for a dreamy scent experience

    dark rose | wooden wick candle 
  • golden hour

    the warmth of the sun translating to the emotional warmth of the moment. golden hour may not have a specific scent - but it creates a feeling. Embrace the warmth of amber, white rose, orange blossom & patchouli

    golden hour | wooden wick candle